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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Preparing a Callistemon for show

The BSWA annual show is in Oct 20th n 21st 2012. This Callistemon is growing very well and blooming. So I decided to prepare it for our annual show. When a bonsai is blooming, it is telling the carer that it wants to be shown to the public. That is my interpretation. This Little John was air-layered from a larger tree in 2006. Some efforts are necessary to bring a bonsai up to show standard. Besides patiently growing and training a bonsai into a beautiful tree fit for exhibition, there are certain refinements which needed to be attended to before a bonsai goes on show. The tree needs to be tidied up. Dead leave and branches removed. Old wires removed. Adjustment to the soil level. Placement of moss. Cleaning and oiling of the pot. So the next time u visit a bonsai exhibition, do remember that for every tree on show, the owner has spent lots of time and effort into preparing it. CJ.
Tree before final preparation:

Tree after removal of old wire, soil adjustment and placement of moss.

Tree after adjustment to branches. Hopefully the flowers will last long enough for the show.