Welcome to my blog. I started this blog to share with the public the joy of my creations. I hope more people will join me on this journey. Bonsai is a very peaceful and rewarding passtime, hobby, craft or art. Make your choice. You can contact me at newzealandteatreebonsai@gmail.com.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SnippetFact Award

On 8/11/12, I got an email from SnippetFact.com signed by John that they have decided to award this blog a SnippetFact Award. I have not heard of this award, so I decided to Goggle search to ensure that it is a valid award of good standing. I have now come to the conclusion that this award is good. So I am happy to announce to my readers. You can see the award here.
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Yet another update on air layer Japanese Maple

I was intrigued as to why two air layers done exactly the same way at the same time and at about the same place on the tree, did not root at the same time. So today I have a closer look at the two air layers. Guess what ? Surprise surprise. There is indeed one root on the other air layer. Somehow I missed it. The length of the roots are about the same on both air layers. So looks like they rooted at about the same time. Here is the photo:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Got result on my Japanese Maple air layering

On Sept 26th 2012, I air layered this Japanese Maple. Today, 38 days later, I spotted roots. Now is to wait for the roots to fill up. CJ