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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Cascade Tea Tree Bonsai

My bonsai knowledges and skills are mostly self-taught thru
books. My first book was Practical Bonsai For Beginners by Kenji
Murata. The books I learned most are Bonsai Techniques I and
II by the late John Yoshi Naka. I still considered them to be the
best bonsai books ever written. It has depth and is full of
illustrations. The author knew and experienced what he wrote.
The same cannot be said of many other books including those
covering other subjects. At times I wondered whether the authors
knew what they have written.
In one of the chapters on bonsai styles, John Naka wrote about
the different types of cascade. Most books mentioned about
semi and full cascade. In John's book, he broadened the scope of
cascade bonsai to include strings cascade, waterfall cascade, vertical
cascade, cliff cascade and multiple trunks cascade.
I have not seen any strings cascade and there was no illustrations
in John Naka's book. This tea tree bonsai represents my
interpretation of a string cascade. It was trained from ordinary
nursery stock over the last 8 - 9 years. It is a medium size
bonsai. This variety of Leptospermun Scoparium is called
Civic Pride. The flowers have a mixure of white and purplish-
pink with carbage petals.