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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Work to Improve a Shohin Wild Olive Bonsai

This shohin wild olive was dug about 7 - 8 years ago. It is 17 cm tall and the base is 8 cm. Yesterday I spend 1.5 hours working on this fella.

This is how it looked like before work begins.

First I cut of this chunk with a saw.

Then I used my Dremel to carve the trunk into shape.

Today I spend another 1.5 hours working on the tree. I did some detailed carvings and then wired. The tree will now be rested for it to recover. Always remember the survival of the tree is paramount. So try not to do too much nor push too hard. If the tree is dead, all your years of efforts will be wasted.
Then I will feed it heavily to improve the ramifications. They are very greedy and love an inch or two of dynamic lifter. Use the 2 x 2 approach to improve the branch structure. Basically 2 x 2 involves cutting a growing branch at the right place, to induce two new branches to grow. The process is repeated. So from 1, u get 2. From 2 u get 4. From 4 u get 8 branches.
Next is to put it into a nice pot. I am currently thinking of putting it into a round terracota pot of 6 - 8 cm thick by 10 - 12 cm wide. Round pots generally go well with small trees. Of course the best approach is to get a few pots, put the tree into each and then decide. Pot selection is just like chosing a dress. Does it looks good ? Always remember the pot must enhance the beauty of the tree.

The tree after 3 hours of work.

A closed-up of the detailed carving.

These are the carving tools I used. A Dremel with 5 different type of bits. The first on the left was bought on the internet. 2nd to 4th was bought from a Japanese Shohin Bonsai Master who has these specially made for himself. He was very kind to let me have one set. The last is a Dremel bit which can be bought from Dremel dealers. CJ.