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Monday, December 27, 2010

This is one of four bottle brush I dug from a demolition site
in Nov 2001. Some, especially those deeply schooled in the
Japanese Bonsai traditions don't like the exposed "knee"
root on the right. Years ago I almost chopped it off.
Fortunately I did not. I used to be an adherant to the
Japanese Bonsai traditions. However when I see more and
more of the amazing naturalistic bonsai from Taiwan, my
bonsai consciousness widened. I began to appreciate the
different ways of bonsai art. Such exposed roots are common
in Chinese Penjing. In fact they are appreciated. So what is
ugly to some is beauty to another giving meaning to the
Taoist saying that there is beauty in ugliness. That exposed
"knee" root can be rationalised as counter balancing the
leftward inclination of the tree. You get the feeling that
it is holding the tree to the ground. Such exposed roots can
be found in nature. They are the works of wild elements
like strong wind, storm and erosion.